Create Product

Adding a product to is a simple process, however all products will be approved by a theFuneral team member before it is available for purchase.

Step 1 – Go to Add New Product page

To access the “Add New Product” page, you will need to have an eCommerce Enabled account. If you do not own a eCommerce Enabled account, you can buy one from the Store. The upgrade to eCommerce Enabled may take up to 24 hours during weekdays.

With your eCommerce Enabled account, you can access the “Add New Product” page from: 1. On the home at the top, called “Create a Product”; 2. In the main menu under “Store” at the bottom of the list; 3. Under “Account” -> “Add New Product”.

Step 2 – Adding the Product Content

Notices and important details

  • Each user have a limited number of product that may be live at one time (you can buy more products).
  • Each product may have variations in one attribute. For example you have a product that is available in different colors and sizes; you have to decide which attribute variation will you use (for the other attributes).
  • We request the Public Price as well as your Wholesale Price (the wholesale price is never displayed on the website).
  • Only one product with its set of variations can be entered at a time.

The fields you can set for your product

Starting at the top to bottom:

  • Product Name
    • What your product will be called – this should contain your business name after the name of the product.
    • Keep this short and to the point.
  • Product Description
    • Give a nice description of your product here. This should convince the visitor to buy the product.
    • There is no word limit, but a good length is around 300 words.
    • List the features and other functions of this product – a buyer need to know what they are buying.
    • You can add images, using the “Add Media” button.
  • Product Details
    • This is where you set your variations. At a minimum we need 1 line (for a product with no variations).
    • The fields:
      • Variation Name:
        • This is usually the product name appended or prepended with the name of the variation. Example: Blue Coffin (blue is the variation).
      • Stock Keeping Unit:
        • This is the product code used for internal stock keeping. Each store have their own set/pattern for this unit.
      • Price Public:
        • This is the price you plan to sell the item for on the website. This should include theFuneral’s cut.
      • Price Wholesale:
        • This is the price at which you buy the item from your supplier. Use NA if you do not buy the item (for example you offer a service).
      • Inventory:
        • This is the amount of items of this variation you have available to sell on the website at the listed price.
        • It is a good idea to have a lower number here than in your shop, as a sale may take a short while to process (just to make sure you do not sell a product you no longer have).
    • At the right of the fields, you can find a “+” sign, click it to add more lines of variations.
  • Other Details
    • Here you can set a maximum limit per order (examples: someone only require a service once; you have limited of the product on special and only 1 or 2 per customer).
    • When you check the box, a field will appear for the limit number.
  • Extra shipping cost
    • When an item is very big, heavy it may add an additional shipping cost, when using a courier.
  • Product Categories
    • Enter a category name for you product. Try to use an existing category name, however we can add more categories should it be necessary.
  • Product Tags
    • Enter tags for your product here, separated by a comma.
    • Tags allow similar products to be viewed together. Tags can be properties of the product, the areas you serve and more. Think about it like hashtags.
  • Featured Image
    • This is the main image of your product. Recommended a square image of 1000px wide x 1000px high (it will automatically be resized to the correct sizes).

After you submit your product a team member will receive it and review your product. If the product is good, it will be published, otherwise we reserve the right to modify the product before placing it.

Should the product be considered as bad, we will not publish it.