Create Listing

You can easily create your directory listing and have it online within only a few minutes, by following the steps below.

Step 1 – Go to “My Listing” page

If you do not have a Directory Enabled account, you will first need to buy the Directory upgrade (you can buy any package that comes with the Business Directory).

The checkout process is simple, and afterwards your account will be upgraded to be Directory Enabled (the upgrade is currently applied manually; may take up to 24 hours during weekdays).

With your Directory Enabled account browse to the “My Listing” page. There are a few links to this page: 1. On the home at the top, called “Create Listing”; 2. In the main menu under “Directory” at the bottom of the list; 3. Under “Account” -> “My Listing”.

The first time you visit this page, a new listing will be created (as a draft). Whenever you visit this page the latest version of the listing will be loaded, ready to edit.

Step 2 – The Content Areas

The main reason for creating a directory listing is to advertise your business, to do this you need content. The My Listing page is where you enter the information.

Lets start with a short explanation of each area of the listing that can be edited.

You start adding content with the Title, this will be the name of your business – keep it short and to the point (no one is going to read an essay long title). The title can not contain any special markup or styling.

Just below the Title, is the main content area. This is where you can explain your business in detail – who you are, what you do, how you help the family after losing a loved one. This area can contain images, links and other styling (links will tell Google not to follow them – the listing is paid and therefore to protect both you and we need to play by Google’s rules).

The main content block is followed by the excerpt. This will be used as content your listing in the directory list. The first ~80 words will be used, so keep it short and explain why the viewer should click on the link to view your full listing (the content above). Only Bold and Italic styles are permitted in this area.

At the bottom of the large column, is the Google Maps, just enter your address here and it will insert a map on your listing showing your position. This should be in the format “Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Suburb, City, Country” (Address Line 2 is optional and usually used for the street when Address Line 1 is used for the apartment in a complex).

At the top in the smaller column is the Saving Options. If you do not want your listing to be visible, Save Draft will keep it invisible. By clicking on Publish, you make the listing available for all to see. You can at any time Edit the status to Draft again to hide it.

Main Image, this is usually your logo. It is displayed next to the Title and Excerpt, as well as on your listing.

You can optionally enter your website address in the Website box, this will create a link back to your website. Usually you would create a landing page on your website where this link will go to – this will allow you to welcome visitors, give a special discount or complimentary item if they buy from you (maybe a coupon).

You can also enter an optional contact number. Only enter your main number here, as a link is created (when a visitor use a smart phone, they can call immediately).

The final area is where you categorize your business. Please select only the relevant categories, you can select more than one – just do not select all of them.

Step 3 – Adding content

With the above knowledge, it should be simple to add content, however I will cover a few areas which might not be a straight forward as the rest.

Adding Images to the main listing content

  1. Click with your mouse inside the content area where you want the image to be inserted.
  2. Now click on “Add Media” button just above the content area. A popup box will appear. You now have an option, select a previously uploaded image or upload a new image:
    1. To upload a new image, make sure the tab is on “Upload Files” – this will give instructions based on your browser. Some browsers support Drag & Drop, where as with other browsers you have to browse to the file you want.
      1. Please note the maximum upload size of 4MB per file, we do not want full high quality photos on the website. Files should not be larger than either 1’000px high or wide.
      2. For best results, use image sizes with the exact required dimensions.
    2. To select a previously uploaded file, make sure you are on the “Media Library” tab, select the image you want to use, this will load the image’s details on the right hand side of the popup.
      1. Here you can set a few options, like Alignment, where to link the image to, and what size you would like to use.
  3. Now click on the “Insert into post” button to add it to your content.

Creating a Link

  1. You can insert a link by selecting text in the main content area, and clicking on the chain icon.
  2. A small popup will open asking for more details about the link, an a button to insert the link.
  3. Using the broken chain icon, you can remove a previously added link.

Adding or Updating your Main Image

  1. You can add or update your Main Image by either clicking on the “Set featured image” link, or clicking on your current main image.
  2. The popup will open, upload your main image, or select it from previously uploaded images.
  3. Click on the “Set featured image” button to save your selection.