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buy in store

Buying from our online store is simple, easy and safe.

We accept payments through a Bank Transfer (EFT or Deposit) or PayPal (debit or credit card) for instant payment clearance.

Selecting your products:

  1. The first step is to select the products/services you would like to buy. Browse to the store’s products section.  Alternatively you can choose a type of product (category) to filter the displayed products related to what you are looking for. We have Funeral Packages (from trusted funeral service providers) and packages to become a service provider (for Funeral Homes and related service providers).
  2. When you have found a product you want to know more about, you can click on the product name or image to view the product in more detail.
    • Geographical restrictions will be displayed on the product page (please do not buy a service when you are outside the service provider’s area).
  3. When you have decided on a product, you can click on the Add to cart button. This button is always located close to the item’s price. After clicking the product, the product is now in your cart.
    • When a product is in your cart it is not yet reserved for you (for physical products with a limited quantity). Only after placing the order will a product be reserved.
  4. You can either continue to browse other products or continue to the next section.

Checking your cart and checking out:

  1. To check your cart, you can click on the cart button in our navigation or if you are on a store page, you can also see your cart in the sidebar (on a mobile device it may be below the content).
    • Both of these display the cart in a small area, to view it bigger, click on the Checkout button.
  2. After clicking on the Checkout button in a small cart, you will be taken to a bigger version of your cart. Here you can make changes to your cart:
    • You can remove a product.
    • You can add more quantities of the product (please do not add more than one type of service).
    • If you have a discount coupon, you can enter the code to have your coupon executed and have your discount applied.
    • After changing anything on the cart, click on the Update cart button to apply the changes.
  3. Click on Checkout now button to go to the shipping details. Please enter all the required fields. When all the details are correct, you can continue by clicking on Continue Checkout.
  4. Next you are presented with payment details:
    • Manual Payment (Bank Transfer, EFT or Bank Deposit).
        When you pay through Manual Payment, you will receive payment instructions (South African banking details). It is your responsibility to make prompt payment for the items ordered.
    • After you make your selection, you can click on the Continue Checkout button – this will apply your selection
  5. On the next screen you should double check all your entered details (this is your last chance to fix an error).
  6. On the last page your order is placed.
    • You will now receive an order number and an email with all your details.