Venue Funeral Service

– Venue Funeral Service Option Includes:

  • Coffin,
  • Grave
  • Basic Flowers
  • Funeral Service Held at Venue.

– This Venue Funeral Service Option Excludes:

  • *The Print of the Programs are not included, and are extra if the Family requests Funeral Letter Prints.
  • *Funeral Letter Designer use included for Funeral Service Option.
  • *If the person does not have a family doctor, then the cost for a doctor to fill in the B1 1663 form.
  • *The cost of collecting the remains from other funeral homes.

What happens when you choose this package?

  • notifies the Funeral Home of the funeral booking.
  • The Funeral Home contacts the family and organizes with the family, to fetch the remains of the deceased from their home, hospital or old age home.
  • The remains are removed from the hospital, home or old age home.
  • The Funeral Home contacts the family to arrange for the Funeral service.
  • The Family chooses the coffin of their choice or a coffin that is advertised.
  • The place, time and date where the service will be held is decided and organised.
  • The priest, care taker, organist and church contact details are supplied by the family. The Funeral Home can arrange for the church/chapel, priest and organist if requested by the family.
  • A service is held at the requested venue.

What information & items are needed with this package?

  1. ID and Information of the Deceased.
  2. Any funeral policies of the deceased from any institution must be present.
  3. The Clothing that the deceased must be dressed in.
  4. Flowers to use on coffin, bouquet must be in season.
  5. Place where deceased must be buried.

*Terms and Conditions Apply.

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