Executive Underwriting Managers – EUM

Executive Underwriting Managers (EUM) was established in 2007 (FSP 33564).

We have formed an unique alliance with Liberty Life over the past decade, and are proud be one of their biggest administrators.

12718172_1675298989387977_3353704514392057029_nOver the years a strong network of underwriting relationships was build with various funeral parlors, brokers, administrators, funeral homes and societies.  With these unique alliances we are able to provide clients with the best market related products and services, and share our knowledge and expertise with the market.

Understanding our niche market and adding impeccable value to the industry gives us the advantage of serving our clients to the best.  We believe in adding value to an organisation and to help growth of a funeral scheme.   Underwriting should not just form part of the compliance but also the growth process of your origination.  With us you will grow to your full potential, helping to transform your organisation a successful, profitable and sustainable scheme.  We believe in all entrepreneurs in the funeral industry.

EUM is situated in Pretoria Gauteng,

however our client base is located all over South Africa.


What we offer;

  • Group Scheme Funeral Plans;
  • Society and Stokvel Plans;
  • 1+5, 1+9 and 1+13 plans;
  • Cash Funeral Plans;
  • Nkomo (Beef Funeral Plans);
  • Grocery / Catering Plans;
  • Casket, Coffin or Tombstone Plans;
  • Top-up Covers;
  • Employee Benefits;
  • Estate Late Policies;
  • Debit Orders;
  • SADC Foreigner Insurance Policies;
  • IT System, support and solutions;
  • Assistance with Funeral Compliance;
  • Training and consulting.

All Insurance Products have a repatriation of mortal remains benefit included, should any insured member be transported more than 100km, including into and over the boarder of the SADC Countries.

Get in contact with our dedicated team today to assist you with all your underwriting needs.

Contact us 0861 386 386 / 0861 EUM EUM or email info@eumanagers.co.za


What did you team do for World AIDS Day in 2016?

The Executive Underwriting Managers team, took to the streets with their awareness campaign, and made a huge difference in our local area.