Colour Range Paints

We are a dynamic team, ready to help you with all your paint needs.

We are based in Pretoria North we are always ready to give the best creative advice on all your paint needs.



We add value through product excellence, thereby protecting the valuable assets of our clients, be it property or equipment.

Let us help you with:

  • Tips for painting
  • Varnish
  • Universal Undercoats
  • Enamel – Eggshell
  • QD Enamels
  • Enamel Econo Gloss
  • QD Red Ocside Primer
  • Roofseal
  • GC Tex
  • Sheen
  • and much, much more.


We bring the best paints to Pretoria and we are the paint specialists you can count on!

Painting Tips:
•The function of paint is to decorate, but just as importantly to protect.
•Expensive paint is not necessarily the best.
•Quality paint only adheres well to clean, dry properly prepared surfaces.
•In 9 out of 10 cases of “Painting Disasters” the paint was not to blame, but the application preparation or poor workmanship was.
•The majority of people only paint when there is a problem like paint peeling, cracking, damp etc.


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