Letter no 13

In loving memory of our dearest _____________________. Psalms 116:15 – “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints”.

On behalf of ______________________________.

Letter no 12

It pleased the Almighty God, of living and dead to take onto Himself our beloved ___________________. We thank you Father for beautiful memories of him/her we can treasure.

On behalf of ____________________________________.

Letter no 11

I, the living God determines the love of every person. He therefore so decided that _____________________

Ended his/her earthly purpose on _____________________. What more can we ask of the Saviour than to know we are never alone – that His mercy and love are unfailing and He makes us all His very own.

Deeply mourned by ______________________________.

Letter no 10

In loving memory of our dearest _________________________________. Someone still loves you, someone still cares. Someone still whispers your name in their prayers. Though absent, you are still near and loved very dear. You shared our life, our love, hope and tears.

Deeply mourned by __________________________________.

Letter no 9

It has pleased the Almighty God in His infinite wisdom to call to Higher service our beloved ______________. Jesus said: “I am the resurrection and life, he that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live and whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never die”. (John 11:25)

Deeply mourned by ___________________________________.

Letter no 8

God in His wisdom has chosen to call our beloved __________________________to the place that He has prepared for those who love Him. We will miss him/her but accept God’s will.

Deeply mourned by __________________________________.

Letter no 7

It has please the Lord, our loving Father to take our beloved _______________________ to his/her eternal rest in His presence. His/her example of loving service will be an enduring memory to us all.

On behalf of _______________________________________.

Letter no 6

Father/Mother, we would like to thank you for all the sacrifices, love and caring. For all that you have forsake for us. You have provide to the best of all your abilities. Sometimes we couldn’t understand everything.

Thank you for the companionship, for the advice, for being you. But thank you for the most important, the Creation of the foundation of your faith. We will mourn your departure, but keep all the memories near our hearts.

In loving memory ___________________________________.

Letter no 5

It was the privilege of our Lord to take our beloved ____________________________ at the early age of ______________ years, to His Kingdom. We are mourning the death of our beloved ___________________.

In sorrow we are grateful for the life our Father has given him/her. As true believers we see beyond the death and grave, for Jesus Christ has conquer it all.

In sweet memory your _________________________________.

letter no 4

(Jesajah 43:2) On to this verb we are putting our strength. In sympathy to our beloved ____________. At the age of ________ years the Father took his/her earthly life. We rest in the knowledge that he found an eternal place at the feet of our Holy Father.

On behalf of _____________________________