Funeral Services Letter

Funeral Directors require some information when they are contacted for a funeral. We have created a form based on the standard information they require. You can complete the form below, and download the result as a PDF, containing all the information – this helps to simplify the process. The information will not be sent to any Funeral Director.

Funeral Service Letter

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  • Details of Deceased

  • Service Details

  • Replace the open spaces with the required details. The parenthesis is to help and may be removed.
  • Replace the space with the song name.
  • Carriers

  • Into ChurchFrom Church to CarAt The Grave 
    Add a row
    Who will carry the coffin at the church and grave? Click on the "+" to add more names (up to 8 per column).
  • KerkGraf 
    Add a row
    Wie gaan die slipdaers wees by die kerk en graf? Kliek op die + om meer name in te voeg (tot 4 name per kolom).
  • Notes

  • Your Details

  • This form is not sent to anyone, on the next screen, you will be able to download the form details entered as a PDF which you can take to your Funeral Director.

    The requested information is the standard required by Funeral Directors.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.