Why we choose StratCol Debit Orders

Funeral Homes have been requesting better collections systems and after months of research and working through all the available options we made a decision.

Here at TheFuneral  we choose StratCol Debit Orders for collections.

You ask why? StratCol debit orders saved 1 Funeral Home in Cape Town that switched over to them, 8 hours a month on time, with their automated systems.

StratCol also offers a competitive edge over other debit order companies by using various collection and payment options:

  • Eft (Debit Orders).
  • Naedo (StratCol is up to date with AC development and one of the Pilot participants).
  • 3rd Party payments.
  • Pay@ (retailer payments), fully integrated.
  • PayU (Debit and Credit Card deductions), fully integrated.
  • Mobile application functionality; AHV, capture ALL above mentioned transactions and search transaction history. (Ideal for field operators)
  • Split payments of collected funds.
  • Warehousing of recurring amounts until cancelled or amended, with automatic annual escalation if desired.
  • Receive your payment report in a format which is compatible with your cash book format.
  • Flexibility to integrate with client’s software.
  • Regular recons to zero.
  • Comprehensive capturing, payment, unpaid and month end reports.
  • Bulk SMS facility.
  • Professional client service support.
  • Training at no cost.

For more information on this fantastic service provider, visit the StratCol Debit Orders website – www.stratcol.co.za