Suddenly everything changed – by David Pretorius

2015 was going to be the best year for us. My partner and I worked four years to bring our plans to action to reality. Finally our planned stepping down from the company he worked for and coming over to our company full time. 1 September 2015 we celebrated our 5 anniversary, and his first day in our office taking a full part in our everyday workings. What a beautiful day we had.

3 September 2015 my brother passed away in a traumatic suicide that shocked our family and brought our worlds to a grating halt.

Working in the Funeral industry it was expected of me to bring to call our connections and organize the Funeral for my brother. After two weeks of trying to get our families to agree on anything about my brother’s funeral, he was laid to rest and the world expected us to continue. I expected us to continue as normal …

In this emotional sparked world I was expected to continue and I did. Slowly but surely some of the wheels came lose on the way and after multiple emotional breakdowns and more patience from my partner than could be asked for I came to the realization, my brother might have been finished with us, but I was not done with him.

I decided that day, I would make it a mission of mine to grow the awareness around suicide, the impact it has on loved ones, families, business colleagues and the society and economy at large.

Only after speaking to a great social worker that I truly believed changed my life for the better, did I realize, I wanted to save a life, I wanted to wake people out of their comfort zones, and say: ‘LISTEN to your loved ones, LISTEN to your children, and hear what they are saying.’ You never know when your last conversation with them will be.

I never thought my message would get such positive feedback. Never did we think support for my awareness campaign would come in at such a rate.

I have never been this humbled by the greatness of the HUMAN being, in trying to preserve themind-set of the living. I realized that above even creating awareness around suicide, I should create awareness around love. Because at no point, not matter how dark your world becomes, no matter how lonely you feel at this point in time, someone out there, LOVES YOU!

ALWAYS REMEMBER, you are loved. For more on my journey, and my struggles regarding the day of the suicide, read more online at in my Suicide awareness articles, or see later on in magazine my first online article published in our digital magazine.