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Bio and Concept:

Exonika Designs (PTY) Ltd was established in 2010 becoming a leading design company specialising in design, print, public relations and media consulting.  theFuneral.co.za is a product of Exonika and was conceptualised through identifying a gap in the South African funeral market.

South Africa has an average of 18deaths a year for every 1000 people, which means South Africa with a population of 49million in counting has a death ratio of up to 882 000 deaths a year, which concludes that South Africa has 73 500 people dying per month that’s more than 2450 funeral service commissions a day.

Our online platform is designed to offer more than just a basic service for people that needs help from a funeral home, it’s also a platform that supplies a service to the Funeral homes.  The platform is developed on the idea that there should be only 1 go-to point for all funeral requirements.  The Funeral homes, will form part of a directory that would be our mayor focus for the online platform, but the funeral homes and our online clients would be able to use theFuneral LETTERdesigner, which allows anyone to design a funeral letter off great quality without having any design background.

To widen our reach even more, theFuneral.co.za platform, would also include e-commerce for the clients where they can buy directly from service providers through our website, caskets, flowers and funeral merchandise to mention a few items, which also means, the funerals homes that form part of our directory would be able to pick up great discounts on stock, which they never would have been able to do previously.

But we’re not stopping there, we will also have a content rich website, that would give information on not only dealing with death, but also the steps and processes that you need to follow when organizing a funeral for the first time.  theFuneral.co.za will also offer different funeral packages that we will set up with our service providers, which allows the client to select what they have in mind, and who they would like to work with every step of the way.

theFuneral.co.za can really be seen as South Africa’s next one stop Online Funeral Home.

Market Competitors:

Our unique selling point is that no other South African service provider would be able to compete with our tools and products, because the tools that we provide are unique to us.  TheFuneral LETTERdesigner for example was developed by Exonika Designs especially for theFuneral.co.za

– What really makes us unique above all the other points is that theFuneral LETTERdesigner becomes a psychological process where the client bereft of a loved one, gets the opportunity to say goodbye in the designing process of the Funeral letter.

Marketing and PR:

Except for our online Search Engine Optimization, we will be activating an array of social and interactive media campaigns to aggressively advertise the funeral homes that work with our services to make sure that we grow as a group and not stagnate as a single unit.

For more information please feel free to contact us directly.

info@thefuneral.co.za – 083 298 5765 – 012 751 1712

Regards TheFuneral.co.za Team